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Now that you are here we can assume that you are interested in enhancing your current health status. Many people believe that if they get enough exercise they are good to go. But unfortunately this belief is only half the solution, without proper fuel (food) you body will not work to its optimum and in fact over time will break down.

“Eating right is just so important for a healthy, happy life,”  Bear Grylls

Good health doesn’t just happen! Exercise, adequate rest, hydration, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and having a good diet are all essential for maintaining health and achieving longevity.

So if you are seeking a quick fix this is not the place for you!!!

Why ? Because there are no overnight solutions..

“Unlike drugs, nutrients do not have rapid effects. No quick fix. The business of nutrition is to build a better body which has to wait on nature to turn over body cells.A blood cell lasts 60 / 120 days.In 3–4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced. In 6 months almost all the proteins in your body die and are replaced, even the DNA of your genes. In a year, all your bones… are replaced, constructed entirely out of the nutrients you eat…When you start feeding it better, you have to wait on your body to grow new, improved cells”
Dr Michael Colgan – Optimum Sports Nutrition.  

So if you are committed to enhancing your health in the long term, you are in the right place.


Now today one of the main concerns is obesity and so we have now launched Transform30 to help people take control of their lives by getting their lifestyle back on track. To learn more about this program just go to the Contact page and send me a requests for information and I will meet with you or chat over Skype / Phone ect with no obligations.